ANIMAL WELFARE Charities and Non For Profits

(Select here if your passion is to keep all animals safe and cared for as much as humans are)

MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS Charities & Non For Profit

(Select here if your passion is caring for all human kind with their mental health & wellness)

Non For Profit Clubs & Organisations

(Select here if your passion is for your local sporting club or group that only survives by community and local support)


"Saving Pets Lives & Bringing Peace to a Human's Mind"

Who/What is PATS 4 Peace?

Associate Revenue Sourcing Provider (Select here to learn more)

 We have a new innovative model to raise funding for Not for Profit organisations and charities who are not currently being funded by Government Corporate entities. We ask for no payments, using our own resources, looking for new and innovative ways to bring added income streams into your organisation at no extra cost

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Are you a Non Government or Corporate Funded Organisation?

Contact Us Now and embrace a new way to Donate

Are you a Tradie/business owner? Service Provider?

Have a product you'd like to promote while supplying much needed funding to those in need? Feel Good wouldn't it! 🙂 Contact us now to find out!

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80% Net Profit Donated off Wholesale 

ALL MAJOR CARRIERS contract compliant for NBN, Telstra, iiNET, TPG, Optus, Dodo, Uniti, Adam, MyNetphone, 

All services are provided by Wholesale Provider More Telecom. All services are supported locally and not offshore. 

T & S

PATS 4  Trades, Services & Products

80% Net Profit Donated off Wholesale

Receive the same quality, support and reliability with the added amazing bonus. The Organisation that you care about will receive a donation just by choosing something you would've done by selecting a Google option.


PATS 4 Indy #canyoubeatindy 

Indy's Running Challenges

Indy is our amazing running machine fundraiser. Every 3 months Indy will set a course and challenge herself to complete as much as she can to raise as much money and awareness toward Animal & Human Mental Health and Wellness
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PATS 4 Tatts National Tattoo Day

Saturday November 24th. It's National PATS 4 Tatts Day!

We have a place booked out for our logo! $80/per Tattoo! $20 for each logo will be donated to PATS 4 Peace from the amazing Teleah Howell Tattoos. Places filling fast! If you have a fave artist. Hit them up for a donation and make the last Saturday of every November National PATS 4 Tatts Day! Get one of the oldest trades out of the dark ages and into the new Millennial way of life. Support an organisation in need. Donate 1 day a year and make a difference to many! And if you're too chicken Purchase a $5 Sticker tattoo from our store in support instead 

Our Mission Statement.

"Saving Pets Lives & Bringing Peace to a Human's Mind"

Our Vision.

PATS4Peace "Associate Revenue Sourcing Provider"

Generating  funds and providing support for existing Not For Profit and Charity organisations that are not financially supported by Government or Corporate organisations. 

Our Pledge and Guarantee

80% of all Net Profit from Trades and services will be donated to the organisation of your choice.

5% total sale of all Products purchased will be donated to the organisation of your choice.