Who/What is PATS 4 Peace?

We are an Associate Income Sourcing organisation with a new innovative model to raise funding for Not for Profit organisations and charities who are not currently being funded by Government Corporate entities.
(NFP/Charity National Average Cost to source donations) Up to 83%* of donations received are spent into obtaining more donations. This means just $17 out of $100 goes back into the charity.

How Our Model Works

Our Pats 4 Peace website platform will host a number of Trades & Services/Products available to the public.
When the public (your database and supporters) chooses to select a service or trade from our site, and once the trade or service has been paid,
80% of the net profit will go towards your organisation at no cost or contract for this service.

Questions and Answers

“Is it viable and how sustainable is the model? Is there really enough profit?”
This model is built around the technology of today’s ”low cost” model. There’s little to no overheads and money will only be spent on resources that are necessary. In other words: “NO BLING”. This model was built with the ability to create new income options to assist not for profit
organisations and charities become more sustainable and therefore reducing stress from within the organisation giving the opportunity for
volunteers to put time into the cause of the organisation rather than fundraising.

“How can you assure the quality of workmanship to my database will be the same as another trade they may find online?”
All trades have extensive background experience in all their specialised fields and have been screened for quality workmanship, reliability and
attention to detail. References and addresses of work completed can be supplied upon request.
“What if something goes wrong or your trade person damages something at a property?”
All trades are covered under our $20 million damage and liability insurance. All work provided will be guaranteed and repaired at no cost under
warranty terms.

“Why should anyone use you and not use someone else they have used before?”
PATS 4 Peace was created for 2 reasons. Animal Welfare and Human Mental Health.
If your fan base are passionate about your cause as much as you are, they will no doubt see the benefit of utilising a trade or service (for no
extra cost) and knowing that part proceeds will go direct to the organisation they support.
(In Australia the national average of up to 83% of donations received is put straight back into chasing more donations - this creates added stress
and time management suffers from having to increase productivity in chasing donations again.)
1. Book an Electrician by searching Google or referral from friend. The total coast of the job will be $240. Job finished.
2. Book an Electrician with PATS 4 Peace. The total cost of the job will be $240. Not for profit organisation or charity chosen by the client will
receive 80% net profit of $45 for the work completed immediately after transaction completed.

“How can we trust you will do what you say and not be just one big scam?”
Our major sponsor and supplier Wired 4 Group holds national contracts with corporate and government sectors across Australia and we have a legal obligation to report all transactions and communications.

Meet the Team



Co Founder & Fundraiser

Hi I’m Indy and proud to be a part of an amazing new movement for animal welfare in Australia called PATS 4 Peace.  I hope that you can follow my journey as I complete running challenges raising money and awareness for animal rights in Australia.

My mission is to provide save, protect and love all animals at risk of being homeless, unloved and unappreciated.

My aim is to use my running ability to create challenges for others to join me and in the process help to raise funds so together we can help those organisations that are already working towards making a big difference.

Join me on 2 Sept 2018 at the Snake Pit and see how many laps you can run without stopping.  This is a fun and challenging (mentally and physically) course that will test you in every way.



Tian Knoblauch

Co Founder & Media Advisor/Presenter

Im the face and voice I hope Australia gets used to as I push a new direction toward the caring of animal welfare and the safety and protection of those held in Shelters and under welfare groups
I believe all beings deserve to be treated equal and deserve a second chance in life on earth just like humans. At the age of 21 I took a chance with the unknown and pushed aside any threat toward my safety to head to South Africa donating my time and at my own expense. Being involved in saving the lives and rehabilitation of all wildlife from the uncompromising and dangerous surroundings of Africa was a dream come true. It never once brought fear into my soul. I felt a mix of love, relief, anxiety, aggression, admiration and amazement seeing these beautiful souls of earth given that second chance after being orphaned or injured from poachers or other predators who were human or animal. The opportunity to help give welfare animals locally of all ages and sizes a second chance in life, and giving them the loving forever home they deserve, has my heart and emotions exploding within, just like my time in Africa. I can’t even put into words how good a feeling it is the be able to help out animals in need.

Now at 25 having volunteered in South Africa many times at a wildlife sanctuary, that provided this safe haven for injured orphaned animals, I still pinch myself and ask is this actually real life?! That’s what we want to do here now in Australia. Start a new concept with a new model to ensure the protection of all animals and care while being lost from their family or not wanted anymore is the utmost paramount objective of our business core values for life